Human behavior

Pierre Winther´s collaboration with DIESEL JEANS paved the way for a new direction in image and style. In collaboration with the Diesel HQ and the agency Paradiset from Stockholm, Winther created and realized the campaign „Successful Living“ which combined a complex staging and grotesque scenarios such as a car crash, house from above or a bizarre church event. The campaign broke the pattern of common perception: The images united art and advertising and caused a worldwide hype; consumers collected the sought after posters and other materials . The Diesel brand itself experienced a quantum leap in the matter of image that evolved to one of the leading Denim brands around the globe. It paved the way for Diesel´s founder Renzo Rosso to become one of the most successful fashion entrepreneurs in the world.


The Car Crash, 1994 


Autumn 1992, Diesel Jeans and their then-agency in Stockholm approached me when they saw my underwater campaign for Levis jeans 1992 where a man rides on a Tigershark at the Great Barrier Reef. They wanted me to come up with a new visuel “world” for their Successful Living campaign which had been successful in commenting on consumers’ illusory ability to provide simple solutions to a better way of living. It was presented in some kind of collage-imagery and Diesel was looking for something new and fresh for the next step. I came up with the idea to create a world around Diesel providing profound social messages that offered ethical, political and even philosophical discourse in a strong colourful visual Fellini like style, but still kept real and believable. I depicted these themes in a more contemporary way that to this day provokes both a grimace and a grin.” I created the first campaign ideas, such as “The Car Crash, 1994”  and the house from above “House of Love, 1993” and others followed. That´s why my role was very different to the role of other photographers that followed in this path, The new Diesel world was created and it was the kick off for the new imagery for the Successful Living campaigns for many years, starting with my work in 1993.


House of Love, 1993