Dirk Nowitzk


Pierre Winther and Wieden+Kennedy, developed the concept of movement, risk and energy as the actual premise of the project “the Heist”, that was realized for Nike. Danger, speed and real live action directed on the spot by Pierre Winther, starring two top sportsmen from Nike’s payroll; Maurice Green, one of the ‘World’s Fastest Humans’, running on top of the train and Dirk Kolowski, one of the best basketball players in the world, hanging from a chopper in the air. Nothing added, nothing omitted. The concepts of movement, danger, and energy, are the actual premises of Winther’s method and central to the way he works, together with his stance against digital manipulation. The campaign was shot on location in Palmdale Desert and The Mojave Desert.  A artist collaboration with Alvaro Sotomayor, CCO at Wieden & Kennedy – Pierre Winthers role was the Creator, director and photographer.


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