Brand Collaborations

Pierre Winther is a visionary creative force in the world of brand collaborations, renowned for his ability to craft captivating visual worlds that transcend traditional notions of branding. With a fearless and unconventional approach to creation, he has cultivated a unique talent for fusing disparate sources of inspiration into a cohesive and wholly original aesthetic. Drawing on a wealth of experience and an analytical mind, he has developed a keen ability to identify and solve complex brand challenges, using his creative prowess to redefine identities and drive growth through innovative world-building strategies.

Through his collaborations with world-class brands such as Volkswagen Group, G-Star, Dunhill, Diesel, Levi´s, Hugo Boss, Lego, Energie Jeans, Adidas, Finlandia, Mercedes, Smirnoff, Coca Cola, Sony, BMW, NIKE, and Cartier, Pierre Winther has established himself as a master of the art of visual storytelling. His high-concept ideas challenge the status quo and push brands to new heights of awareness, leveraging the power of creativity to create own-able visual worlds that captivate and inspire. Whether crafting dynamic marketing campaigns or developing innovative e-commerce strategies, Pierre Winther’s world-building approach has proven time and again to be a game-changer for brands looking to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression.