“The world of renowned visual hybrid Pierre Winther, known for creating powerful visual worlds and rethinking brand ideas outside the so called “box” creating own-able visual worlds for the brands. Pierre Winther’s artwork has pushed the awareness of various brands to higher levels over these collaborations”

Driven by his strong intuition, Pierre Winther´s approach to creation is unconventional. He is a master of the art of fusion, who seeks inspiration everywhere and puts it into a new context. With a wealth of experience and an analytical mind, he has the ability to break complex issues into component parts. He defines problems and recognises opportunities to develop new creative strategies and leverage creative potential and created high-concept ideas that challenge the status quo and re-define brand identities and brought them growth through creativity. As the brand strategy for e-commerce and marketing he created “world-building” for brands like, Volkswagen Group, G-Star, Dunhill, Diesel, Levi´s, Hugo Boss, Lego, Energie Jeans, Adidas, Finlandia, Mercedes, Smirnoff, Coca Cola, Sony, BMW, NIKE and Cartier and more