“Winthers Wonderworld”

Soft Cover/ paperback,  43 x 53 cm, 220 pages

published 2000
Edition: English



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Collector’s Edition limited to 100 numbered copies, each signed by the artist. 

Every copy comes with two signed and numbered, 42 x 52 cm (16.5 x 20.5 in.) pigment prints. 

Book and print packaged in a handcrafted box, with silk screen design.

(No. 1-100).


Pierre Winther

 “Nothing Beats Reality”

Limited Art Edition of 100  
+ 100 (+ 10 APs) pigment prints (Trust/ Balloon Boy)
+ 100 (+ 10 APs) pigment prints (Our Friends Inc./ Tiger Girl)

Hardcover, bound in Japanese cloth with Brillianta and blind embossing,  43 x 53 cm, 240 pages

ISBN 978-3-8327-9861-1
Edition: English



Throughout his long career, Pierre Winther has been responsible for some of the most iconic advertising campaigns for brands like Levi’s, Diesel, and Dunhill; he’s contributed regularly to 

The Face and Rolling Stone and made music videos for Björk, INXS, and the Beastie Boys. His book, Nothing Beats Reality, (teNeues, 2015) is a compilation of some of his best work—

an avant-garde tornado from an artist who has been pushing the boundaries of photography for the last quarter-century.





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Pierre Winther. Art Edition ‘Nothing Beats Reality’

Edition of 100
43 x 53 cm /16.9 x 20.9 in., 240 pages

 Trust/ The Ballon Boy 1998. Art Edition Pierre Winther
Edition of 100 + 10 APs
42 x 52 cm /16.5 x 20.5 in. 
(Frame not included)
Elegantly Wasted 1996/ Policemen on crack . Art Edition Pierre Winther
Edition of 100 + 10 APs
42 x 52 cm /16.5 x 20.5 in.
(Frame not included)
€ 1.500



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Pierre Winther announces publication of new book ‘Nothing Beats Reality’ 

Pierre Winther is a world-renowned conceptualist, raconteur, image-maker, and visionary.  Based in Berlin and born in Copenhagen, Winther has been pushing the boundaries of photography and film since 1985.  With his mind deeply rooted in cinema, he manages with his complex imagery to tell entire stories in single moments.  Through his lens, timeless dramas unfold from a kind of organized chaos depicted with bold, saturated hues, and his engaging sense of narrative is conveyed with a single click of the shutter.  

‘Nothing Beats Reality’ is a carefully curated selection of Winther’s prolific oeuvre spanning more than a quarter of a century.  The book is published by teNeues and features powerful images such as ‘Car Crash’, created by Winther as part of the visual identity “Successful Living” for Diesel Jeans in 1994.  The parallel universe he conjured up for Diesel in the 90’s referenced social concerns with a radical irony, and paved the way for groundbreaking campaigns during the 90’s which still inspire advertising today. 

Winther’s most iconic photograph is of a man riding a 17-foot tiger shark, a daring image achieved on a mammoth 1992 shoot in the Great Barrier Reef, in the days before Photoshop.  Shot for a Levi’s campaign, the photo spawned many imitations and transcended the commercial world to end up in galleries and Christie’s auction rooms.  The groundbreaking photo, which was produced without digital manipulation, appears on the cover of this book and inspired the book’s title ‘Nothing Beats Reality’.  Winther commented:  “I think the narrative of the man riding a 17 feet tiger shark visually sums up my general approach to image-making, which is this balance of danger and illusion with a playful nod to the viewer.And in the same time I see the image as a hint to the title “Nothing Beats Reality” and visa versa.”

This glossy hardback book of striking, often surreal images, contains Pierre Winther’s revolutionary editorials, campaigns and high-concept visuals.  His unique approach to capturing his subjects stimulates the imagination and engages with the viewer.  In “Nothing Beats Reality” Winther takes his radical approach a step further by “encoding” his imagery. By doing this, Winther strikes a new interactive path to connect his visual worlds as photographer and film director. In other words, “the film starts where the photograph ends.”

Recent exhibitions include; Macmillan de’ Longhi Art Auction, London, 2014; Copenhagen Photo Festival, 2013; ACTE2 Galerie, Paris, 2012; and Camera Work, Berlin, 2009.  Pierre Winther has created high-profile advertising campaigns for clients such as Diesel, Dunhill, Finlandia, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, Nike, and many more. Additionally, his editorial stories have appeared in magazines such as The Face, iD, Rolling Stone, VICE and Vogue.  An accomplished director as well as photographer, Winther has created videos and covers for artists including INXS, Skunk Anansie, Tricky, Björk, Massive Attack and Beastie Boys.

Notes to Editors:

Book title: ‘Nothing Beats Reality’ 

Publisher: teNeues 

Pages: c. 240 

29 x 37 cm Hardcover with jacket including c. 125 colour and b/w photographs 

Language: English 

ISBN 978 3 8327 9861 1