The Car Crash, 1994 


House of Love, 1993 

Within the lush tapestry of artistry, a pivotal moment unfurled in the autumnal embrace of 1992. Diesel Jeans, with an outstretched hand, beckoned Pierre Winther—an artistic luminary—to infuse ethereal magic into their Successful Living campaign. A campaign that ventured beyond superficial solutions, Diesel sought to breathe in the breath of rejuvenation. From this chalice of creativity, a concept sprouted forth—a world that transcended mere aesthetics and plunged into the very depths of societal consciousness. A realm painted in kaleidoscopic hues materialized, where intangible threads of ethics, politics, and philosophy waltzed in harmonious embrace—an homage to the opulence of Fellini’s visual poetry. Amidst this grandeur, authenticity reigned supreme. Yet Diesel’s aspiration reached beyond photography, beyond mere image-capturing; they sought an architect of intangible visions. The tableau envisioned was a fusion of contemporary musings and timeless allure—a symphony where the notes of the present danced gracefully with those of eternity. The concept of a car crash emerged, a fusion of tragedy and allure, inviting contemplation. From an elevated perch, a house stood as an embodiment of sanctuary, aspiration, and intertwined lives—a catalyst for profound introspection. Beyond the lens, I wove dreams and narratives, sculpting the Diesel cosmos anew. An artistic genesis sparked in 1993, its ripples echoing through time, evoking reflections and spontaneous smiles in the present day. The collaboration transcended mere commerce; it was a convergence of artistry and narrative, a dance of images and ideas. Diesel Jeans’ siren call was answered, igniting a symphony of visual and thematic resonance. As the river of time continues its meandering journey, the echoes of that era endure—a living testimony to the marriage of art, philosophy, and the timeless allure of denim-clad aspirations. A tableau not simply adorned, but woven into the very fabric of cultural walls.


Interview with Helmut Newton :
Helmut Newton Interview by Michael Kaplan, Graphis, Sep/Oct 2002.
in this Interview with Helmut Newton he comments on the Diesel Campaign
"whoever did the Diesel campaign was brilliant!" and refers to the highly 
successful campaign "Successful Living" that was created for Diesel Italy by Pierre Winther.











Title: “Elegantly Wasted” – A Cinematic Exploration of Art and Music

In a serendipitous intersection of artistic minds, Michael and I found ourselves entwined in the tapestry of a visionary project, poised to transcend the realms of music and visual art. Our dialogue, sparked by the echoes of my earlier Diesel imagery from ’93, reverberated with an appreciation for images that could be lifted straight from the celluloid reels of a film noir. Guided by the evocative strains of “Elegantly Wasted,” the album’s eponymous anthem, I embarked on a creative journey that seamlessly blended the symphony of sound and the poetry of imagery. A concept materialized: a fluorescent-green-and-red car, an emblematic beacon illuminating the album’s artwork. This iconic vehicle, a recurring motif, materialized as the band’s ethereal muse. The contours of each band member’s personality wove into the fabric of the project, attaining an almost mythic character. Michael, who had long been the driving force, slid into the role of a former jet fighter, donning a pilot’s attire borrowed from my own London days. His portrayal—ex-pilot adrift in translation—added a layer of introspection that mirrored his creative metamorphosis. In a tableau of neon-lit nights and sun-soaked days, the LA landscape transformed into our canvas. The photoshoot evolved into a cinematic odyssey, blurring the boundaries between reality and artifice. Night and day ceased to be dividers as our troupe inhabited a collective trance, fully immersed in the roles we embodied. Noteworthy was Michael’s immersion—a true auteur of his narrative. His desire to retreat into the ensemble, trading the spotlight for a role among equals, underscored his commitment to the holistic vision. As director, I, too, stepped into this shared reality, becoming both guide and participant in this unparalleled creative reverie. As we navigated this sonic and visual symphony, a daring marketing endeavor was conceived—a pulsating beat echoing through the world’s key cities. In a mesmerizing dance of spectacle, fluorescent cars cavorted through New York City’s arteries, whispered secrets among Parisian boulevards, and even dared to suspend above London’s Thames, invoking a collective gasp. The culmination, a crescendo of artistry and shared elation, was articulated by Michael himself. He confided that this endeavor held a special place within his heart, that it encapsulated his essence—elegance in excess, juxtaposing the profound and the playful. In the marriage of sound, image, and transcendence, “Elegantly Wasted” birthed a symposium of senses, inviting the world to partake in a spectacle that remains etched as a timeless testament to our boundless creative union.


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“Quantum Leap”


Opel staged the world premiere of the Astra in autumn 2015 with an exceptional marketing campaign: in a stunt video, the new star of the compact class jumps over five vehicles from the premium segment, proving that it is a true ‘quantum leap’ for the brand. Opel Chief Marketing Officer Müller: “The quantum leap video and the entire Astra campaign are part of the Opel brand’s new positioning that we launched with “Umparken im Kopf” and successfully continued with “Neuen OH!”. The films are an expression of our new self-confidence, as we are setting standards in the compact class segment with the Astra.” Opel produced the quantum leap film as a kick-off for the entire Astra campaign with Pierre Winther as well as the agency Scholz & Friends. Pierre Winther was invited to expand the idea around “the jump” and co-responsible for a fresh, new look at Opel.

Collaboration with Scholz & Friends, Opel/GM Motors

Creator, director and photographer.



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“Don’t Imitate, Innovate”

Pierre Winther created the visual world for the “Don’t Imitate, Innovate” campaign and gave It the look and feel wich made it world famous. Sales following Hugo’s debut assured Eurocos that the message hit the right ears. Two months following the launch in Germany, Hugo was the second best-selling brand. In the U.K., sales volume exceeded the first year’s plan in six months. In Holland sales of Hugo Boss fragrances almost doubled, while in Belgium brand sales more than doubled.

Collaboration with Grey Advertising and Procter & Gamble

Role: Creator, director and photographer.

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 Nothing Beats Reality”


Energie Jeans, Thinking of a loved one and calling them a moment before a car crashes into the living room, thus saving their lives as they get up from the couch to answer the phone. Is it just a coincidence? The world is full of true almost unbelievable stories like this. They are found in reports written by doctors, newspapers, insurance reports, police documents and many other reliable sources. The proposed “Nothing Beats Reality” project is to tap into this vast source of true documented stories and select the most breathtaking. Tentatively recreating these exceptional moments in a cinematic art style, with a vivid sense of atmosphere and scenic compositions. The project will explore the universe what’s between reality and the spiritual dimension. We’ll work with themes such as intuition, karma, coincidences, or is there life after death.

“Nothing Beats Reality” was a rebelious campaign that structured the communication around “some of life’s big questions”, that teenagers start to ponder to help construct their identity. The world is full of unbelievable but true stories. These stories were recreated in a stylish cool way, and could be further experienced and shared online with real photos, real police reports and newspaper articles etc. Pierre Winther created this campaign for Energie jeans.

Role: Creator, director and photographer.




A car mechanic, was hired to fix the brakes of a car. But without finishing the job, he leaves work to meet his brother for drinks and doesn’t return. Later that afternoon, Tu Whatanavi and his gang come by to pick up the car. Afterwards, they take a shortcut through the forest, where they run into the drunk mechanic. The breaks don’t work. Jake was seriously injured in the accident.




Leon Huygen was born blind. On July 11th, 1994, he was the victim of a burglary in his own house, where he was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead by the first police officer to arrive at the scene, but the paramedics were able to resuscitate him. Later, officer N.J. Engelwood and his fellow officer A. Liebermann reported that they had seen Mr. Huygen float upwards and hover above his body for a while before disappearing through the ceiling. Talking to the police himself, Mr. Huygens could describe in every detail what had happened in that room. He knew the exact number of people that had been there, knew exactly what they looked like, and even knew what clothes they were wearing, even though he was blind.




Iceland – a late October night in 1989. Sven Rifkinsson was on his way back home from work. For some reason, he had an unusual urge to call his girlfriend Chaise. He stopped at a gas station at 9:20 pm. Unfortunately, there was no telephone available. As he passed a phone on the roadside at 9:25 pm, he stopped for a second time, but the phone was out of order. Desperate, Sven ran across the street to borrow a family’s telephone. Finally, at 9:30 pm, he made his call. At that exact moment, a drunk 23-year-old driver lost control of his car and crashed into Sven and Chaise’s house, ending his ride in the bedroom where Chaise and her little son had been only seconds before. The driver was killed instantly in the collision, but Chaise and her 2-year-old son were saved by Sven’s phone call.


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On February 5th, 1797, a ship carrying 121 passengers sank off the Irish coast. Only 61 passengers were saved, including a man named Hugh Williams. On February 5th, 1898, a ship carrying 98 passengers sank. Only one person was rescued, and his name was also Hugh Williams. On February 5th, 1997, a ship with 24 passengers sank, and only one person survived. His name? Hugh Williams.





“Tested on animals”

JVC / US, A boom blaster for an extreme lifestyle, a burning person on the street in the middle of the day – many people seek the ultimate experience in life, thus testing their own boundaries and the boundaries of the world. The images show shocking and eye-opening scenarios that catch the viewers’ attention and leave it to them to create an appropriate ending. Fatal consequences only exist in the viewers’ mind. Pierre Winther developed and realized the campaign ‘Trust for JVC.

Role: Creator, director and photographer.




 “Pierre Winther @ Dunhill”


Richemont SA, Alfred Dunhill, the luxury men´s wear and accessories brand owned by Compagnie Financiere Richemont SA headed for a relaunch. “We are going back to our roots,” Dunhill´s chief executive Guy Leymarie had told in an interview. “We are being loyal to the brand identity and the foundation of the brand, but the spirit will be in the mood of the times.” This was done in a collaboration with Photographer / artist Pierre Winther who created the 2 first campaigns in the new Relaunch “Pierre Winther@Dunhill”. The artist developed a look which exactly corresponded to the reframing of the brand and within that look, he redefined the gentleman’s style as much more than a stylish garment. A strong attitude and edgy character were demanded to complete the picture. This massive campaign consisting of images and film was introduced to the audience at the grand opening of Dunhill´s new 3,500-square-foot flagship store on Old Bond Street in London in 2003. All the models/ actors were flown in from Los Angeles to this event and to reaper in the same style as on the campaign images and the Dunhill-film also directed by Pierre Winther. After the opening reception on Bond, all the quest was taken by  luxury cars of their choice to the after party, where a A-list of celebrities were invited, such as Madonna and Guy Richie, Jude Law, Jade Jagger, Boris Becker and many many more – all to entertained by the Cuba based band ” Buena Vista Social Club” who played live for the guest all night long. In Tokyo, 2003 the film was projected on a giant outdoor screen overlooking Tokyo’s Ginza Crossing to coincide with the opening of Dunhill’s flagship store in Japan. Pierre WInther was the creative director and photographer / director of the campaign (Film and Stills).

Role: Creator, director and photographer.




Campaign 1/ Pierre Winther@Dunhill: “Holiday on Earth”

Dunhill, the legendary British menswear company, gave Pierre Winther creative and artistic freedom when it came time to re-launch the brand. The resulting campaign takes place in a surreal world unburdened by typical advertising codes. No pouting models, no macho posturing – just a group of real men, cast for the campaign by Winther himself. As these men enjoy their “Holiday on Earth”, the viewer is invited to join the fun, which balances on a thin line between reality and fantasy.

Campaign 2/ Pierre Winther@Dunhill: “The Challenge” 
Following Pierre Winther’s first Dunhill campaign (“Holiday on Earth”), “The Challenge” offers another interpretation of the world of men. The characters in these pictures compete with each other, playing mind games that seem to portend disastrous consequences. But perhaps those consequences exist only in the mind of the viewer.





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FX1 009



“The Under Water Project”


Levi’s Jeans,  Pierre Winther came up with the concept of an underwater environment existing parallel to the everyday street-life. The provocative vision of a stuntman riding a 17 feet tiger shark got extended to a huge campaign shoot at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The pictures present a combination of visual elegance, danger and people living on the edge. Five years later Levi´s was still fascinated by the Under Water theme. The TV spot “Underwater Love” created by BBH London with the same-named famous song by Smoke City is based on the “Under Water Project”. Untill today, the key visual of the shark ride is exhibited and traded on the worldwide art market. The entire shoot took place on Great Barrier Reef/Australia with a crew of over 20 people. It was produced without using any computer manipulation — a practice integral to the artist’s technique.

Role: Creator, director and photographer.


“Shark Riding”, 1992
One of Winther’s most celebrated pictures is “Shark Riding”. The provocative vision of an underwater city-slicker with sunglasses riding a 17-foot long Tiger Shark is part of “The Under Water Project,”  hints at parallels between the ocean environment and the dangers of the urban landscape. The awardwinning composition is a combination of visual elegance and a representation of people living on the edge. The entire shoot took place on Great Barrier Reef/Australia with a crew of over 20 people. It was produced without using any computer manipulation — a practice integral to the artist’s technique.



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“Life Less Ordinary”   


Wieden+Kennedy UK and Browns Forman US, Finlandia Vodka has partnered with Wieden+Kennedy London to create a new global creative campaign. Wieden+Kennedy London Executive Creative Director Tony Davidson says, ‘I like ideas that are rooted in a truth about the product. We wanted the work to remain Finnish, quirky and focused on nature; it’s called Finland-ia af ter all.’ To help build the Finlandia world, the campaign capitalises on the photographic genius of Pierre Winther. Known for his unique and influential work in numerous fashion campaigns, including Diesel, Levi’s and Hugo Boss, Winther ’s shots have an inherent cinematic and slightly twisted quality, which help shape the alternative, premium brand look. He played an intrinsic role in crafting the brand world as well as shooting the images.

Role: Creator, director and photographer.



Louisville, Ky (April 2013) Finlandia Vodka has partnered with Wieden+Kennedy London to create a new global creative campaign. To develop a real departure in look, feel and focus from previous Finlandia campaigns, the campaign capitalizes on the photographic genius of Pierre Winther. Known for his unique and influential work in numerous fashion campaigns, including Diesel, Levi’s and Hugo Boss, Winther ’s shots have an inherent cinematic and slightly twisted quality, which help shape the alternative, premium brand look. He played an intrinsic role in crafting the brand world as well as shooting the images/ directing a film.









“The Heist” 

Nike and Wieden+Kennedy, developed the concept of movement, risk and energy as the actual premise of the project “the Heist”, that was realized for Nike. Danger, speed and real live action directed on the spot by Pierre Winther, starring two top sportsmen from Nike’s payroll; Maurice Green, one of the ‘World’s Fastest Humans’, running on top of the train and Dirk Kolowski, one of the best basketball players in the world, hanging from a chopper in the air. Nothing added, nothing omitted. The concepts of movement, danger, and energy, are the actual premises of Winther’s method and central to the way he works, together with his stance against digital manipulation. The campaign was shot in L.A. a collaboration with Alvaro Sotomayor, creative Director at Wieden & Kennedy

Role: Creator, director and photographer.


Nike_heli_002- SH

W1 003


Nike - mand hænger i arm ud af chopper






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