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Grant Kessmann, Svenja Wagner

12 Hammersmith Grove
London W6 7AP
United Kingdom
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CAA represents the world’s premier actors, directors, writers, and producers. We also provide a range of motion picture consulting services, and we are the leader in film packaging and brokering financing distribution deals. CAA clients include many of the most successful actors and actresses currently working in film and television. Their performances garner awards, drive box-office success, and lead cultural conversations. CAA represents the writers, directors, and producers of the world’s biggest hits and critical successes that define the pop culture landscape. CAA represents the motion picture rights of many of the most compelling and successful fiction and nonfiction works published each year, along with blogs and podcasts. The group also works with journalists, internationally renowned authors, and estates. 






Dany Lennon

New York, New York

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The Creative Register Inc is an ‘exclusive’ company that represents extremely individualistic, accomplished, ‘high level’ Creative Makers , Builders and Thinkers, across multi-disciplines worldwide. It embraces the emerging markets that are multiple within the Communications, Entertainment, Marketing, Start-Up, Brand and Experience fields, to name but a few. Its focus is always on two mandatory elements: the ‘extraordinarily curious’ people that they ‘represent’ and the ‘growth trajectory’ of their ‘enlightened’ career paths. And, they couple it with the insightful blue print’ evolution of their partner companies they share their maverick roster of talent with. The Creative Register Inc.’s entire passion is to perpetually ‘evolve’ equally with the people and entities that they work alongside. Its endeavor is to always effect ‘transformation’ that will ultimately create better, more productive and connective environments that embrace the future relentlessly. And, to assist the people they ‘represent’ by continually encouraging their education, experimentation, and staying absolutely relevant, thus allowing their skills sets to never experience an expiration date! Beyond that, The Creative Register Inc works on a consultative basis with individuals whether in the form of coaching or advisement. It also offers its consultative mind and expression to all clients pertaining to new architectural structures for creative elevation, connectivity, and to encourage the concept of fluid creativity that can pivot for the perpetual need in transformative times.