Pierre Winther is a self-taught, photographer, film director and artist, known for his unique and powerful trademark look that has been pushing the boundaries of imagery for the last quarter of a century.At first glance Winther´s pictures look like stills from a movie set of some dark, twisted movie that you don´t quite understand but still like. But his images are well-elaborated, often playing out whole plots in a single frame.

Strong ideas are what drive his work, while the medium is almost incidental. He has shot a stuntman sitting on the back of a 17-foot long tiger shark in the Great Barrier Reef, staged a traffic accident in all colours of the rainbow for diesel and had Dirk Nowitzki, NBA´s top basketball player hanging on a ladder from a chopper around fifteen meters up in the sky. All done for real.

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Pierre Winther has always had a fascination for wilderness and natural phenomena. When he was a kid, he spent most of his pocket money on old issues of National Geographic. In his mid-teens, shortly before he moved away from Denmark, Winther bought a Nikon F3 camera and borrowed a book on film processing. Only a few years later, when he was seventeen he moved to Paris, got himself a Beaulieu Pro Super 8 camera and started to film.

His faible for National Geographic and in particular an issue about sharks and bull riding was the inspiration for Winther´s underwater environment starring a young man riding a tiger shark. He sold the idea to Levi´s, which then got realised in 1992 at the Great Barrier Reef/Australia with a crew of over 20 people and produced without using any computer manipulation.

Pierre Winther has always thought outside the box and created high-concept ideas that he then translated into stills, film or a combination of both. He brings a wealth of experience and an arsenal of ideas to any project, often playing an intrinsic role in crafting ideas or brand worlds.

As a screenwriter and creator Winther was part of speciel projects group with directors like, Ron Howard, Terry Gilliam, Robert Rodriguez, Terrence Malick, and Pierre Winther to work on ideas that needed something extra in the field of commercial campaigns for major brands, award-winning films across a range of genres, TV series for virtually every network, digital platforms, and experiential events.

The underwater campaign for Levi´s was Pierre Winther´s most radical campaign so far. He has created and executed other global campaigns for Diesel, Hugo Boss, Dunhill/Richmond Group, Camel, Nike, Energie Jeans, JVC and more. His editorial work has appeared in such magazines as the Face, iD, Rolling Stone, Flaunt, Spin, Dutch, Vogue, amongst others. He has shot covers and music videos for INXS, Skunk Anansie, Tricky, Nicolette/ Massive Attack, Neneh Cherry, Bjork, Beastie Boys and more.

The Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery in London include Winther’s photographs in their permanent collections, his work was exhibited in solo exhibitions and group shows like the Fotografiska Stockholm, Deichtorhallen in Hamburg, Øksnehallen in Copenhagen, NRW-Forum Duesseldorf, Hilversum Museum Netherlands, just to name a few.

Lives and works in Berlin and London.